The 8th Week

This weekend I visited Alexanderplatz, a hub for shopping and sightseeing in Berlin.  I bought a couple cool souvenirs all while exploring more of the city.  Even though I have spent all of my time in Berlin thus far, there always seems to be something new and exciting to do.  There will be still be things I haven’t seen by the time I leave.  Next weekend I am taking a short trip to Amsterdam, where I intend to explore what I hear to be a beautiful city.  This will be my first small excursion on the IIP trip, so I’m extremely excited for the opportunity.  (Not to mention being able to take off a few days of work for the first time)

At work, I regularly attend meetings which focus on assessing the physical appearance, performance, and packaging of products.  We assess the criterion of three products each meeting.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this for so many reasons.  The first is that it provides a break from working on a computer for the majority of the day.  Secondly, it gives me a chance to express my ideas (in German).  Lastly, the meetings serve as a great way to collaborate and make valuable relationships with the team.  The corporate partners of B&F (Bülhoff & Funke) have many companies, one of which has an office down the street from where I’m working now.  Everyone from the current office will be moving into the same building as the other companies.  I’m uncertain as to how much this will alter my routine or overall work day, but I am interested in seeing how it all plays out.  I do know this other office does not have the same “start-up” feel that the current one does.  Most workers in my current office are young, and work long hours.  The other office supposedly has a fair number of established workers with families.  Nonetheless, I’m excited for the change.