Working for an International Company

v6 Group is a company based in the UK but I work for a subdivision of v6 Group called v6 Ventures that operates as a self supportive startup.  This makes a few things very interesting.  While we work entirely in Prague, our finances and backing go through the UK.  This was very easy until about 12 months ago because the UK was a member of the European Union and it was very easy for companies to do work across Europe regardless of the home country.  Now that “Brexit” is taking place and the UK is in the process of removing itself it makes things for v6 Group and v6 Ventures a little more complicated.  v6 Ventures would still most likely be able to operate in Prague, different taxes and tariffs may make it more difficult.

This week were were talking about how v6 Ventures can best proceed.  Should we break away from v6 Group and become based in Prague to alleviate ourselves of upcoming taxes or should would it be worth it to keep the status quo.  It is interesting to see the very real and practical issues that very large ideological decisions can make.  While v6 Ventures has not made a decision on how to proceed, it shows a different perspective of major decisions and the impacts they have.

My actual work update for the week was a little mixed.  Our company got two new interns who are helping me do a lot of the responsibilities I was doing on my own.  It was interesting to give them the rundown of how the company works and make sure that they have enough work to do.  It is difficult to find a balance to work with them while I have been self sufficient for the first month of my internship.  I have hope that the three of us can help each other to become even more productive.