Recruiting : An Industry Analysis

As I approach the halfway point of my internship at Cpl Jobs, it is interesting to reflect on what I have learned about the recruiting industry as of yet. It has been a wonderful opportunity this past week to see CPL’s success as we celebrated the end of our financial calendar. Despite the highly competitive nature of the recruiting industry and the large number of global competitors in the Prague area, like Manpower Group, Grafton, Adecco, and Hays, we have still managed to see over 48% growth this past year, and I am proud to be a part of that.

Despite the growth we have seen, however, CPL has struggled to utilize some of the innovative or even simply accessible tools that many of our competitors provide. In an industry that often offers similar services with little differentiation, CPL is working on expanding their services and creating a brand image that will help us compete with some of our larger competitors. We are newly expanding our marketing efforts and growing them from the ground up. Though it is still in its infancy, we continue to learn how to effectively use social media and how to share the upcoming projects in which CPL is involved. Social Media is a great tool that presents many opportunities for sourcing for candidates and attracting clients to our company. For the recruiting industry as a whole social media is an essential tool.

There are also heightened opportunities for the recruiting industry as more and more companies hire contingent workers, rather than permanent employees. With this trend, more companies are relying on HR outsourcing companies such as Cpl Jobs.

There are also challenges, however, accompanied by being part of the recruiting industry in Prague. Because there is such a low unemployment rate in the Czech Republic, there is a limited talent pool. Cpl overcomes this challenge by sourcing from a variety of different places beyond their database and looking eternally outside of the Czech Republic. It is because of this outward thinking combined with dedicated service that Cpl Job has been able to succeed.