The Dog Days of Summer

Ever since I got to Czech Republic everything has been non stop. There is always a sight to see or a museum to check out. Every weekend we have had activities planned or travelled to a foreign country. I have talked about in previous blogs about how I have started to get into a routine with my work and I feel like I am a local living in Prague. That has been true these past couple weeks but even though I have a routine that doesn’t mean my routine isn’t exhausting. Get to work at 9am every morning and leave at 5pm. Get home, get some food, and then it’s time to go explore and find new things to do in Prague. There is never enough time to just hangout and relax or catch up on some reading. This past weekend was the first time that I have stayed in Prague and had no big plans. It was great to just relax and walk around without an agenda. It made me realize that although I am in Europe on a once in a lifetime trip and want to see everything, it is still important to relax every now and then and not to wear myself down. I have over 10 weeks total in Prague and I needed to realize that I don’t have the stamina to always be doing something. My opinions on travel could not be any higher but I’ve found it important to make sure I’m staying healthy and taking care of myself while I am here as well.