Michael Grande – IIP Berlin Blog Post 8

This is a really busy week for me. Over the weekend, I visited Lucerne, Switzerland and was totally transported to a fairy tale town.  We got to take a tour of the lake by boat and we spent an entire day on top of the world, hiking all over Mt. Pilatus and seeing Switzerland from 7,000 feet up. Even better than that was our hotel – a total hidden gem on Lake Lucerne. We stayed cheaply outside of town and every morning I woke up to the Swiss Alps rising above me. This weekend I’m going to Copenhagen by myself and I couldn’t be more excited. I booked a day trip to Sweden and despite not having any money to my name, I think this little Scandinavian escape will be the perfect excursion to wrap up my European trip.

On a less fun note, I have also been very busy at work this week. After the first draft of my Kickstarter page was approved and offered suggestions on how to improve it. I am working with Andreas now to put together the second, and hopefully final draft of the campaign page. It’s really cool (I know that’s a lame word, but it is cool) to be able to create the campaign page because it’s something that is going to affect the future of the company. The way Kickstarter works is all or nothing, meaning that if the funding goal is not met then all of the money is returned to backers. So, I’m doing really meaningful work for NWTN, but I do feel a sense of pressure to make sure this is the best work I can put forth. Actually, it has to be better than my best work because the future of their project relies on the funding from this Kickstarter campaign. I’ve done countless hours of research on successful projects and now I’m invested in seeing this campaign through. Although, I am planning to do a project with the CEO of NWTN and another project with Andreas on how he is setting up the e-commerce site when the project goes live. I’ll keep you updated and hopefully next week I’ll be able to say that the Kickstarter page is complete.