The Road to Home

My study abroad experience in London has been nothing short of amazing. There are a few tips I have for students who study in London in the future:

  1. Don’t bring rain boots (“wellies” as they call them in England)! No one wears them around the city in the summer, and you’ll stick out as a tourist.
  2. Do bring a rain jacket and/or umbrella.
  3. Don’t pack any toiletries that you can purchase there. You’ll waste valuable luggage space.
  4. Your biggest expenses will be food and drinks, so plan accordingly.
  5. Spend money on experiences! Live like you’ll never get back to London again: see as much as you can for the best prices.
  6. Bring good walking shoes. I walked 7 miles a day on average and that doubled on the weekends.
  7. Pack clothes that you can layer. The weather can change rapidly in London. To be best prepared, bring lots of sweaters, shawls, etc. that you can throw on and off if needed.
  8. Put yourself out there and make new friends that don’t go to your home university! It’s hard to make friends with locals when you live with American students and go to school with them, but put yourself out there at work and mingle with any locals that you can. Learn their favorite places to eat and travel!
  9. Plan out your weekends ahead of time. Always have a plan as things go more smoothly when you do, and you’ll maximize the number of London sights that you will be able to see.
  10. Be open-minded and have fun! A study abroad experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, be prepared to make the most of it!
  11. I owe this study abroad experience to my wonderful parents. If you do too, make sure you thank them and buy them the best souvenirs you can find!

Cheers! Goodbye London, I hope to make it back to you soon.