Value Network Principles in Dublin – Noah

Working at a marketing firm, especially one like HeadCase, has taught me about the spontaneous nature of business projects within this field. Obviously, our main function, in a grand sense, is the promotion of the big brands we come to know as clients. The primary step in this is establishing a basis of communication with the clients, followed by planning the campaign. Usually HeadCase’s campaigns involve some kind of artistic medium, whether it is graffiti art, decorated vehicles, or any other unique display. They usually target big events, such as parades or music festivals, for their workshop sites. The firm own several large vehicles for transporting the necessary materials and smaller vehicles to the sites. As far as the sites go, a big environmental factor to take into account is the weather. As one can imagine, Irish weather is unpredictable. One minute the sun is out and the next minute it is raining. Weather not only impacts the firm’s functionality at the site, but also the turnout. More people condensed into the vicinity of a particular location means more publicity and visibility for the brand. Therefore, it is always important that the people at HeadCase take precautions in preparation for the chance of bad weather. It is also important that the HeadCase team is very active at the site. Getting the public involved in the campaigns requires excellent communication skills, which I am further developing as a result from my involvement.MailliardN11