Deutschland Blog 10: Technical Difficulties

Last Thursday, it began pouring and I feel like it didn’t stop all weekend. I did only the necessary tasks that involved going outside such as going to the grocery. I took advantage of my time by doing my laundry and reading. Then I started experiencing some problems with my computer, most likely due to the rain. It would charge sporadically. I wasn’t expecting this to really tested my problem-solving skills.

On Monday, my computer died at work in the middle of a task so instead I switched to another task. I was working on fixing some articles on my computer for my boss, but once my computer died, that was impossible. So, I started writing a new article and did what people did if they didn’t have a computer. I wrote. It may have taken a little longer and I might have used a lot more resources (meaning paper), but I wrote a whole article before leaving for the day instead of sitting around useless. The whole week, I have been prepared with other ways to do my job, like putting my documents on google drive and then using my iPad to work.

Eventually, I did take it to the Apple Store, but they said it was my charger and so I bought a new one. Although that wasn’t the entire problem, the week has gone by a little smoother. My laptop charges more often than not even if it takes some time. But still, I was stressed out and very worried at the time, yet I still managed to get my tasks done on time even if I had to do some things at home or differently than usual.

After that whirlwind died down, our internet at the hotel stopped working which hasn’t affected my work, but has affected my personal life. I am hoping that everything will be fixed soon, but until then, I’ll just take advantage of the internet at work when I can and when it is appropriate.

Anyways, aside from the general craziness, this week has also had me preparing to teach the new intern how to do some of my tasks. In my spare time, I drafted up a long document that details how to do my main tasks which are looking for events and job reports. I included all of the things I have learned such as shortcuts and any other helpful information. I think it will help her with the process of trial and error. Next week, I begin teaching her!

tbd* seems to be on the rise and I am very eager to see where it will go in the future. I plan to keep tabs on the company because I feel invested in their work. Technology plays an important role in the company considering everything is on our website. Our website is our presence and is vital for exposure. Although the company isn’t really political, I have a feeling that that aspect might change. tbd* is all about change and making the world better so it seems natural to get into politics, however, I know they don’t want to be polarized which could cause them to lose clients/viewers.

Our business is not essential for clients and viewers. They can live without our job listings, events, or content, but their job wouldn’t be as good as it could be. They would be unaware about opportunities to improve their life without our guidance. Our service isn’t concrete, but it provides a lot of satisfaction. We associate with some many organizations that want to better the environment, influence the political sphere, protect human rights, and create innovations to help the world. Our work isn’t vital to the economy, but it is extremely important for anyone that has a job or a dream.

Last night, we all met our program advisor at a beer garden near the zoo to catch up with each other. It was very enjoyable and a great way to destress. I am going to miss all the friends I’ve made through this program.

Until next week. Bis dann!

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