The End

After six weeks in London, I am finally home. I can definitely say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. Not only did I learn so much culturally, educationally, and professionally, but I also feel like I have grown as a person.

My friends and I looked at our first picture we took together in London compared to our last one, and the difference was incredible. Even though it was only six weeks, we looked so much younger in the first picture and so much older and mature in the last one. We packed so much life experience into such a short amount of time, and I genuinely believe it allowed us to become more knowledgeable and well rounded adults.

My educational experience was completely unmatched. I loved having a very small class size where I was able to bond with my peers and get to know each and every person in my class, including my professor. We were able to learn so much information and become more advanced accounting students in such a short amount of time. Our site visits certainly helped with this as well, allowing us to talk to professional accountants and learn about our class topics from them as well.

On another note, my internship was incredible as well. I learned so much about the accounting system and bank reconciliations. On top of that, I became close with my supervisor and was able to have a great connection and build a strong friendship with him that will hopefully last a lifetime.

And of course, I have been able to experience so many incredible things that are specific to London. I went to the top of the Shard, rode a boat on the River Thames, and saw the Queen of England! There are things that most people will never be able to experience in their lives. I tried all kinds of different foods and took plenty of pictures in front of Big Ben. With my friends, I toured Westminster Abbey, rode the London Eye, saw Phantom of the Opera, and even went to Amsterdam!

These memories are ones that I will never forget. I will carry them with me forever, and they have provided me with experience and knowledge that I know will be useful in all aspects of my future. And to London, I will miss you. I am gone for now, but not forever. You can bet that I will make my way back to you one day.

Cheers! xx