A Normal Week(?)

This week was rather interesting because for the first week since I have been in the Czech Republic (seven already!), I felt like I had a normal week.  I went to work and handled the tasks assigned to me each day.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened, I was able to handle my assignments and move on to the next one.  While I can look back and point out exactly what I did over the week, without a moment of reflection nothing on its own stands out.  I think this stands as a testament to the work I have put in to adapt to my new environment to the point when it is no longer a new environment.  Where what once was novel is now normal allowing me to tackle the challenges put in front of me at work even better than I normally would.  I think while this isn’t the most fun realization of my trip, I think it is one of the most important.   I am learning to adapt well and therefore am able to give a higher level of performance to my work. I think this is what an experience like this is all about.  To challenge yourself with a new environment and opportunity and to work until it is no longer a novel environment or opportunity.

This is by no means saying that my growing experience is over and that I have nothing left to learn, instead I feel that I am at a place where I can grow more deeply because of my comfortableness with my cultural and work environments.  I can now focus on things I couldn’t previously and can devote more of my energy towards being the best value to my internship company I can possibly be.