Blogpost #9

I am back from my first business trip, and I could not be happier with the experience. Liverpool was such a beautiful city and I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit. Since I was flown out to Liverpool to work on a specific project, my time there was a lot more involved with the team. I was able to go on-site visits as well as participate actively in what ended up being a four-hour long business meeting with our team in Manchester.

It was really neat to experience the company through a different branch. The work dynamic was very similar to that of Berlin’s office, both in the Liverpool and Manchester branches. This made it easy to quickly adjust to the new work environment. The Liverpool branch is one person smaller than to that of Berlin’s. Having a similar number of people in the offices also helped with the consistent atmosphere.

After my short five days there, I already felt adjusted. It was definitely a smoother adjustment than to that of Berlin since everyone and everything was automatically in English. Also, since I have gone through transitioning working with the metric system in Berlin, that was no longer a hurdle to cross once in Liverpool. Many of the factors that had my initial nerves prior to starting the internship had already been resolved or were not an issue in Liverpool.

The project I was working on involves my company submitting a bid for a design competition. I knew that many projects are selected upon bids, but it was really interesting to see how the whole thing works from the inside. This was my first experience with a bid project and I am eager to hear the outcome.

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