finally made it to Cork

This week at my internship was highly uneventful. Now that I have gotten into the swing of things, i am no longer alarmed by every small thing that happens at work. I have gotten to know my coworkers and become more relaxed at work. I also have become comfortable with the work I am doing and know what to do when I get in. However, my supervisor is leaving in a week for Bangladesh, so I think things are going to change pretty dramatically for me given her high level of participation in my job.

Aside from work, we also travelled around Ireland this weekend, going to Cork, the Blarney Stone and a small town. This made me think about one of the blog questions; what are you current attitudes and beliefs toward travel? I was thinking about it and I think I would stay in Ireland, or Europe, if given the chance. Both study abroad experiences I have had have been amazing and the most fun times of my life.

I didn’t really know anything about Ireland before coming here, i was only choosing between Prague and Dublin. I didn’t have any specific reason for choosing dublin but I am so glad I did. I wanted a country that had a large NGO sector, and Ireland delivers. Other than that I did not know anything about the professional or cultural background of Ireland, but I am still learning!