The end has come

Well, my program in Sydney is officially over and I’m back home.  When I first signed up for this program I thought six weeks sounded like such a long time, but it really flew by. Everything is a blur looking back so I’m glad I kept a journal through the whole thing.  It will allow me to relive the details of days on the trip and I’m glad I’ll have that.

My internship was perfect for me I absolutely loved it.  My boss and the people I worked with were great and very helpful through the whole time I was there.  Working on the marketing team was exactly what I wanted to do and I learned a lot that I can apply to my current internship at home as well as my future career. Honestly the whole experience has made me want to work for a professional sports team when I get older.  I’ve never really had a real goal for my career before – I’ve always just wanted to work in marketing or HR.  This internship has sparked a huge interest in me to work in the sports industry.  It’s fast paced and always changing – I don’t think I could get bored working in it.

I ended my Sport Management class on a good note with the final report.  My professor was able to cater the assignment to incorporate my internship and I applied concepts we learned in class to what I experienced at my internship.  It was easy for me to write this report simply because it revolved around my work at the Eels. It helped me reflect on what I really got from my internship and the class itself.  I’m happy I took this class and I definitely learned a lot.

Overall the whole trip was just amazing.  I learned so much through every aspect of it.  Class taught me concepts, my internship allowed me the chance to apply them, and then traveling exposed me to the culture of all the places I went.  If I ever get a chance to go back to Australia or New Zealand I would take it.  This was the trip of a lifetime just like I’d hoped it would be and I couldn’t be happier that I was lucky enough to experience it.