8th Week in San Francisco

This week is a very busy week, so busy that I have to post my blog one day after the due day. I visit the San Francisco Asian art museum and see some ancient and modern art collection all over Asian. The photo is an bottle in China around 4000 BEC.

At work, I was working on the Zhihu Live preparation, and finally we hear good news: the live is approved and now we are selling out tickets. We also have a test live where I can invite some of many friends to listen to this rehersal and give me some suggestion about the Live. And besides the expanding in China, I am still working on collecting data for the real estate. With the database, we can know the house developer name as long as we have the property address, so we can contact with the developer and get our deals.

And there are only three weeks left before I complete the internship, I hope I can see our first deal.