Back to Reality

Hello Everyone!

My abroad adventure has officially come to an end and I am back in the United States, getting used to speaking English again.  However, my abroad adventure did not come to an end after my time in Argentina, as I took an extra week to travel to Peru and experience Machu Picchu!

My time in Argentina was incredible and I think I made the most of it by experiencing everything I could during my time there.  I had the opportunity to visit Uruguay and Mendoza, tango, drink mate, go to a soccer game, ride horses, and so much more all in six weeks! I feel that being immersed in the culture and living with a host family is the best way to learn while being abroad.  I developed a daily routine which taught me what their normal life was like and helped me to feel like less of an American and more like an Argentinian. My spanish greatly improved, even though it was different, learning Castellano was a new and exciting thing for me.

While exploring the city, I also had the opportunity to take International Economics and work in a non-profit organization.  My economics class was very interesting because it really taught me about the problems Argentina is facing, which I could see and discuss firsthand.  As for my job, it was eye-opening to see the struggles that people face in terms of their living situation and the way that Fundación Pilares was able to help with that.  From a business aspect, I learned the challenges they face as a non-profit and the different ways they have to market their organization in order to invite more people to join.  Overall, it was an experience unlike any other and I am thrilled with my journey and all I have to tell from it.

My time in Peru was also very informative, as I went on several tours to learn about the Incas and all they built.  I visited several Inca remains sites, including Machu Picchu, and I also explored Peruvian salt mines, museums, and the Cathedral. I saw
alpacas while in Peru and even got the chance to hold one! Also, the views from the mountains were incredible, because the altitude was about 11,000 feet!  While in Machu Picchu, I hiked Huayna Picchu which was very scary but well worth it for the view.


I am sad my abroad experience had to end, but I am grateful for all I learned. South America is a place unlike any other and I would love to go back! With that said, where should I go next?!