Goodbye for Now

London was AMAZING! My six weeks abroad really flew by. The things I will miss the most about London are the endless adventures the city provides. Before going on the trip all of the study abroad advisors and previous students advised me: “don’t forget about London”. It seems silly but since we only have a short amount of time in the city, a lot of people like to take advantage of proximity to other European areas (which is great!); however, it is important to explore London! The city has so much to offer and amazing places to go.

Professionally, this trip has also opened my eyes to the tax sector of accounting. I was unfamiliar with this option of accounting before coming on the trip and often brushed it aside when thinking about my future. However, my courses while abroad opened my eyes to the world of tax and accounting and I really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to expand on what I learned in London and see where it takes me!

I hope everyone going to London for study abroad in the future has as great of an experience as I did!