Issues with Dublin Culture/Work Adaptation

My progression through the midway point of this internship program has allowed me to reflect upon my initial issues faced, both cultural and professional, and how I’ve dealt with them in order to progress through my development regarding this and related phenomena. I never expected starting a new job in a new country to be easy, but culture shock was inevitable nonetheless. As mentioned in previous posts, the fact that Ireland is primarily an English speaking country was a huge deciding factor when it came to my program selection. Obviously the accents and slang create communication barriers between the cultures. Like the U.S., accents can vary upon different locations even within national boundaries. Very thick Irish accents still prove to be nearly impossible to comprehend, and this is not an exaggeration. Within the work setting, this has led to constrictions in business communication elements. In the marketing world, dealing with clients is big part of everyday tasks. Ignorance of cultural norms definitely put me at a disadvantage at first, but I eventually adjusted to the setting and familiarized myself with norms through association. So far, this program has been one big learning experience, and has allowed me to challenge myself, in order to build upon my professional skills and personal development.MailliardN12