Hasta luego, Madrid!

I can’t believe I am writing my last blog from Madrid! Even though everyone in my program is in complete denial that we are leaving this week, I’d like to give you a list of a few things I’ll miss most about this beautiful, bustling city.

This program has given me real life work experience in a market research study with international teams and given me some amazing friends. My co-workers accepted me with open arms and that helped make my experience a memorable one.

Parque Retiro

Everyone is probably sick of me mentioning this park to them, but it truly is amazing. The Spanish like to get outside and this park is the perfect place to see that culture. I’ll miss the area where there are boats in a man-made lake. I am a disaster at rowing, but we still got great pictures.

Parque Retiro-boats


Free food with your drinks is truly every college student’s dream! I have become very spoiled with the high-quality jamón ibérico and do not know if I can ever have lunch meat ham ever again. I may serve potato chips or tortilla Española during every get-together with my friends now.



Mañana y la Sobremesa

In the U.S, we really are constantly running around to the next task. I enjoyed the more relaxed culture and learned to enjoy myself during the day instead of always thinking about my plans for later. During our lunch hour breaks, we ate calmly and talked to each other. Unlike some U.S offices, there weren’t many employees scarfing down their meals at their desks. The sobremesa is conversation at the dinner or lunch table after the meal is over. Waiters give you the check when you ask for it and there is no rush to get up from the table after the meal. Instead, we talk!

These 2.5 months have been amazing and this program has been the experience of a lifetime. I can recommend studying (especially working) abroad to anyone at Pitt or any university. And remember: if it doesn’t scare you a little, it probably isn’t worth doing!