À Tout À L’heure, Paris!

When I think back on these past two months, I feel immense gratitude. To gain professional work experience in a foreign country as early as my Sophomore year of college is something notable. I was able to gain an appreciation for a new culture, knowledge new industry, and a tremendous increase in self confidence.

Looking back on these past two months, I don’t see it through rose-colored glasses nor will it win the praise of the “incredible, life-changing two months I spent abroad” when I describe it to friends and family. This is different from what I expected, especially after seeing friends study abroad with half a day of classes and the rest of the day to explore and adventure, not to mention extended weekends to travel the rest of the world.

This program was different than the traditional study abroad experience and I am grateful for it. I wouldn’t describe my time in Paris as amazing and super fun. Rather, it was very challenging and eye-opening to my own capabilities and interests – and just as much as any fun and freeing study abroad experience, I think my time abroad was equally rewarding.