Blogpost #10

It is crazy to think that this time next week I will be on a plane heading back home. This trip has flown by, it a does not feel like it has been seventy-something days here and its unreal that I am on the final seven. When time gets to the shorter end, I seem to feel as if there is more I can and should do before I leave. Though there is definitely I a little on my list for this last week, I cannot discredit the amazing experiences I have compiled over the seventy-something days. I have been able to experience what it is like to work internationally. Three months may not seem like much time, but as a rising senior with a fourth of a year working abroad, it seems like a pretty solid experience for where I am in life currently. I have learned a lot, as anticipated, but I have also learned about things that were not on my initial radar. And by that I mean, more about myself in general and as an architecture student. I have been able to challenge myself, as well as face challenges that arise through life. Though this is a constant learning experience that happens in life, having this bit abroad adds a little twist to the level out of one’s comfort zone.

Over these three months I have become fairly accostumed to my life here. Working full-time during the stay establishes a routine. Having a routine, has made living here seem so natural in aspects. I am interested to see what all carries over with me once I am in the U.S. and as fall semester begins. I know environment will be completely different, but I and eager to take the knowledge and experience I have gained here passed the country lines.