Job Offer!?!

Last Friday, the craziest thing happened! During my one-on-one with my boss Denisa, I was offered a job at AB-InBev in my current position or another position that I could be potentially interested in.  Since I am only a rising Junior, my boss knew that I couldn’t stay in this position and have to go back to the US to finish college. However, during the meeting, she explained that I was guaranteed a job in the company after graduation if I was still interested!

Obviously I am super excited that they thought I was such a good fit for the company to offer me a job so far in advance of my graduation. Regardless if I decide to follow through with the offer in two years, I’m happy that I received this informal job offer. I love all my coworkers and really enjoy the company culture that I work in. The fact that my boss brought up an arrangement such as this confirms that they were happy with my work over the summer and would be happy if I were actually an employee there full time.

This internship has been the best experience of my life, and I’m so grateful that I was matched with such a great company and was able to gain some real business experience!