Two weeks left

Hey everyone,

I can’t believe that I only have two weeks left in San Francisco. This summer truly has flown by. Luxer One got a new intern and his name is Espen. He is currently pursuing his masters in innovation and is doing a similar program to what I am doing. He is also taking a class at Berkeley and the class with the internship counts for a whole semesters worth of credits back in his school in Norway. In his class he has to come up with his own tech start up idea and test the market to see if it would actually work. I am surprised we do not have an innovation major in the U.S. I think that would be really interesting and encourage creativity. Learning about their culture was also very interesting and things are a lot different. For example, they have their ID also printed on their credit card.  I think that would be a good idea in regards to security and theft reasons. Uber and Lyft are illegal in Norway because of tax reasons. Espen said that a lot of people want to use it so people might be starting a petition to get it legalized.

In regards to work, it is nice discussing ideas and strategies with someone else. We recently created an “Everything plan” subscription model for Laundry Locker that is going to be recommended to partners all over the nation. Businesses are starting to use subscription models because of the multiple benefits it provides for both the business and the customer. We are currently working on a CRM strategy for Drop Locker, the technology behind the locker systems. Cant wait to continue to help push the company towards the right direction. Until next week,