Week Ten (Second To Last Week)

This upcoming week will be my last in Berlin.  I have been in the city for a little over two months, working the whole time except the first week.  As a whole, I’ve enjoyed my internship.  I’ve been completing more or less the same tasks throughout the entire internship.  If I were to continue, I’d certainly want to move into another area of work to add some variety.  The city of Berlin has been absolutely incredible.  I would not have wanted to do my internship anyplace else.  I benefited greatly from being able to complete the internship in a German speaking country.  The company welcomed me with open arms.  I work with such a great group of people, which has made my time in Berlin even that much better.  With all this being said, I’m also very excited to go back home to my family and friends.  I will miss the city of Berlin the most.  It is such a diverse, fun-filled place to live in and has such great people.  There was never a time where our group felt bored or out of things to do.  Even after being in Berlin for over two months, I still feel there is so much more to be seen.  Two months is not even close to sufficient time to experience everything the city has to offer.  After being in Amsterdam last weekend, it was good to spend this weekend back in Berlin relaxing with the group.

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