Switching Things Up

This week was an interesting week for me because I was given some new responsibilities that took up a majority of my time.  I am used to a lot of random small tasks that vary greatly but this week was different. This week I was working on editing for a new source website that my company v6 Ventures runs.  While I have done a little bit of editing in the past, every day this week I edited many articles from a grammatical standpoint, from a quality standpoint, and from a marketing standpoint making sure this content is targeted towards our target audience.

It was a nice change of pace to work on something, improve at it, and be able to look at all the work I did and while I was proud of all of it, I was able to see improvement as well.  This is a slight change from a lot of the work I have been doing. As I have discussed in past weeks I usually have a lot of random work that jumps from one project to another.  It was a nice change of pace to be set on one task and work hard to try to do the best at it.  I feel like everything I have done in my internship has been beneficial but I definitely felt like this was a more concrete example of a task that I have done really well.