Only one month to go

The more time I spend in both Dublin, as well as my internship, the more I am really starting to get accustomed to both the work enviornment and the culture. I hardly notice the accents anymore, and I have gotten in to a regular routine at work. With the end of the accounting quarter being in June, I have been even busier at my internship.

As a finance and global management major in the business school I have had some class experience with accounting, but over the last few weeks I have been putting that knowledge to the test more than I expected. If someone had told me last year during my managerial accounting class that I would be balancing accounts and updating financial statements I would never have believed it. I am extremely thankful to have an internship that pushes me out of my comfort zone. All of my coworkers are very helpful with any questions I have, which makes it much easier to complete new tasks. I have been doing a lot with one client named valloeby shipping. They are an international company that owns multiple freight tankers. Centralis handles the accounts for the main entity as well as all of the vessels, and assisting with the handling of their accounts has been great experience for me. Not only have I learned financial skills, but because they are an international company, I have also gained skills relating to the global management aspect of my sudies.

Outside of work I have really been falling in love with not only Dublin, but Ireland as a whole. My past few weekends have been spent taking weekend trips to different parts around the country, and I can honestly say I have never seen so many shades of green in one place. My favorite part is that no matter where you go everyone is so friendly and eager to chat with new people. Travelling in Ireland is so easy because just about everywhere you would want to go is only about a 3 hours ride away. This makes taking day or even weekend trips extremely managable. I have a few more trips planned for other countries and I’m extremely excited to be able to experience other cultures as well!