Rob Dolce IIP Berlin

I am rewriting this blog from last week, as I had written and submitted it previously but due to some frustrations and issues with internet at our hotel it did not save. So since I am writing this about last week, rather than my last week which I will write about later, I will be reflecting and speaking retrospectively. So my last week began on a sort of frustrating note. Initially all was well. We had been finishing up our trip in Amsterdam with a tour of the Heineken Brewing tour, which I absolutely loved and would highly recommend to anyone looking for something to do in Amsterdam on a trip. Due to the restrictions about what we can talk about on these blogs, all I can really say is that it was fascinating to learn all about the process and history behind how they make the “beverage” and at the end of the tour you get to go to a rooftop “area” and drink two free “beverages” with an unmatched view of the city. All in all, it had capped off a great trip to an awesome city. But then things started to take a turn for the worst. Upon arriving at the airport, our flight appeared to be delayed a little bit due to some inclement weather (which truth be told never came through). After hours of waiting and speculating, it was announced that our flight would be “delayed overnight”, which is how the airline saves money in compensations by not calling it cancelled. So after the chaos of trying to get a hotel and new tickets, we finally got to the free hotel that we got for the night, which was honestly really nice. In actuality, we were not terribly mad, since we now got to sleep in as opposed to getting back at midnight and having to go to work the next day.

Once back in Berlin and back at work, it finally set in that I was going to be going home in just 10 days. It did not feel real. It felt like just last weekend we were getting the tour around Berlin for the first time and wondering how it would be possible that 2 people could stay in such tiny and obnoxious hotel rooms for 11 weeks. But we had made it. I was worried that work would be painfully slow, and to a certain extent it was. Not painful in the sense that I disliked being there, in fact in the full 10 weeks I’ve worked I haven’t once dreaded a day at the office, but I was more looking forward to getting home and knew the 10 days would be long. The week was fun, as always in such an entertaining and young office, and we went out with the whole office on Thursday which was also a blast. That was when I also began to realize that the people who I got so used to seeing every Mon-Fri, I am probably not going to see ever again. So I wanted to make a point of having my last week be a memorable one.