3 days left

Its hard to believe that I will be leaving Germany in 3 days. It feels like just yesterday that I arrived in Berlin and got settled into my workplace in Kleinmachnow.

Looking back, I realize that I have learned so much during my short 11 weeks here. Before this internship, I had one other internship working at a non-profit in Pittsburgh. It was in marketing, and my duties included writing press releases, event planning, and maintaining rapport with sponsors. While I definitely learned a lot from my time working at a non-profit, I feel like the skills I have gained working here in Germany are far more valuable.

For example, I am challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and give my opinions on important topics, ideas, and concepts pertaining to a new brand launch in November. I am currently writing a business plan for the organization (both in English and German) that will be reviewed and potentially used for investors. I have also worked on analyzing and developing a B2B marketing concept for two products, as well as the development of a creative concept for a website to be launched in September.

My internship in Kleinmachnow focuses on the product development side of marketing. Before this summer, I had only a basic understanding of product development and what it entailed. I can happily report, however, that I now have a heightened understanding and a newfound passion for this challenging and dynamic side of marketing, and would like to pursue a career in it.

All of this is valuable experience that I would never have had if I had not decided to partake in this program. This summer has truly helped me grow as an individual and businesswomen, and I am grateful for the wonderful experience that I have had here in Berlin.