Logan Kready: IIP Berlin Final Blog


I am afraid to say my time abroad in Berlin is coming to an end. This week I was able to finish up my last projects for my supervisor, helping him move all the September 2016 accounts forward for the September 2017 interim period.  Along with these final tasks, I was able to really reflect on my overall experience with Sirius Facilities and my fellow co-workers. My co-workers treated me to lunch all week, where we were able to reminisce on all the great moments during my internship. I was also able to take advantage of some good traditional German food throughout the course of the week as well! I think my favorite food from Germany has got to be Schnitzel with a side of pommes frites or spätzle.


I was very fortunate to be a part of a company that made me feel comfortable from the start, and made it easy to develop relationships. One of the biggest things I learned from my experience this summer was how vital it is that you like the people and environment you work with. This goes right along with enjoying your work career and what you do on a daily basis. The atmosphere you work in really affects the experiences and satisfaction you receive from the job you may have some day. I was able to work with people who were very interactive and positive, which made the work day more fun while still being productive! So many people make decisions based on monetary benefits and compensation, however I have realized the environment you work in is just as important!


This summer I was not only provided with amazing opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge within the workplace, but I was also able to immerse myself in various cultural experiences through travel. At work I was able to benefit greatly from working directly with my supervisor to complete the annual report for Sirius Real Estate, making valuable calculations and adjustments to numbers that affect the performance of the company, as well as constantly completing most of the accounting bookings for all bank statements. Outside of work I was able to travel all around Europe, which included Prague, Rome and Barcelona. Being in Europe makes it so easy and affordable to travel to many different countries! Traveling to each of these places helped me grow as an individual as I was able to see how I adapted to new cultures and lifestyles.


Overall this study abroad program has resulted in many lifelong memories just like I predicted! Berlin has treated me well, making me think twice before jaywalking (it is highly frowned upon) and throwing away plastic water bottles or glasses (they can be recycled for money), providing me with fantastic transportation to and from work, and revealing to me some humbling and breath-taking sites. During my last couple of weeks Berlin began to really feel like home, as I got used to the German culture. I am going to miss Germany, however I am also ready to return home to Lancaster County. I cannot wait to share all my adventures with my family and friends! Thank you for following along with my journey!

Hail to Pitt!