10th Week In San Francisco

In this week, we still focus on doing ICO for our company. But we have a much more matured whitepaper and business plan. After issuing the first token which the holder of the token can enjoy some service provided by DreamFunded, our company will tokenalized the real estate property where people from all over the world can invest in. More importantly, this token is tradable on the cryptocurrency exchange. providing liquiditiy and fair maket valuation to the investors. Tokenized real estate property has never been done by anyone or company, we are likely to be the pioneer. I am researching blockchain company that is in real estate industry to learn their business model and their vision of utilizing blockchain in real estate, and I study the lawframework of some blockchain venture fund that collecting fund under U.S. law framework. This is a very new industry and there is no specific law about the cryptocurrency, so we are trying to avoid any law issue. In the end, this is my second last week, I really learn a lot during this internship.

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