Deutschland Blog #12: A Pit Stop and then Homeward Bound

Last weekend, I took a bus to Dresden and met up with my friend Sophie. She is studying there for the summer. She was an amazing tour guide and showed me all the sights. We saw the Semperoper, the Zwinger, and the Frauenkirche.




(Zwinger Palace)



I loved the history there. Then we ate a delicious lunch before adventuring through the Green Vault. The Green Vault is a collection of historical items mainly collected by August the Stark and his family. After that, we went to a book store which was an interesting experience. I almost bought a German version of the first Harry Potter, but I refrained. We treated ourselves to ice cream and then chatted by the river. I left as it began to pour rain. It was such a wonderful experience.


This week was very relaxed since it was my last week of work. I reviewed material with the new intern, mainly the job reports because they can be a little complicated. I wrote my last article about companies in Berlin making an impact. On Wednesday, I helped build an enormous IKEA couch with my coworker. She was ridiculously good at it. Later that evening, our program had the farewell dinner. It was nice to celebrate our time in Berlin, but also we were sad to leave.


Thursday was my last day of work. I finished up my tasks and then we went out to lunch. Since I bring my lunch all the time, they got me this eco-friendly sustainable metal box that is made in Berlin. It was the sweetest gift. I emailed everyone a thank you later that evening.


Also, tbd* had its presentation for the Royal Family which was insanely cool and I’m still in shock about the whole event even though I wasn’t there. On Friday, I packed and then spent the last night with my friends eating a delicious dinner. Saturday, I rose bright and early to go home. And now I am back in good old Kentucky.

Overall, this experience was amazing and not what I was expecting at all. I had such a great time with the people in the program in addition to my coworkers. I produced much more content than I ever dreamed I would. I also did other tasks besides writing which I found really helpful. Ultimately, I am glad I went to Berlin for the internship program and I will definitely be going back to Germany sometime in the future.

That’s all, folks.