Week 8 at Centralis

The more time I spent at Centralis, the more I am understanding the ins and outs of them as a company. It is hard to pinpoint them in a specific industry because they provide such a wide array of services to their clients. My position in the firm is related to client services and the accounting aspect of the business. However, this is only half of what they do, the other half is what my coworkers call the “treasury” side. My desk is on this half of the office, so after a few weeks I have begun to learn more about what exactly this means. My treasury coworkers all work with with specific clients and their portfolios on the stock market. The computer I work on is the office “Bloomberg” computer, so every day at noon and 3pm I need to relocate so that my coworkers can check the updated currency rates between the euro and the dollar. Sitting on this side of the office, as well as assisting with accounting related tasks has given me an insight into both aspects of the business which has been extremely interesting and beneficial.

The main input used for the services Centralis provides are computers. As a result internet security is very important. Additionally, it is very common to print information regarding clients and their accounts, so it is also very important that those documents are shredded, as opposed to just thrown away in order to maintain security. Additionally, because of the nature of the services provided by Centralis, all of my coworkers have degrees in either Accounting or Finance. They have all either passed, or are in the process of completing their CPA, or CFA exams. Overall, my internship has been very beneficial and I can’t wait to see what is to come in my final few weeks!