time flies when you’re having fun

I can’t believe there are only three weeks left of my program, it feels like we just got here a couple of weeks ago. This week I got a little bit more independence in my internship. My supervisor left for a work trip to Bangladesh for two weeks. This week, I had no one giving me work to do and no one there to answer questions or give direction. So, I have been working on an ongoing project incorporating health programs into conflict resolution in third world countries. This week i was basically just doing research on the topic and writing up an outline for a proposal on the subject.

With my supervisor being gone, I have been socializing with other coworkers more and gotten to know a couple of them better. I have also become better with my time management and problem solving skills since the person I normally would go to with questions is not there.

The past couple weeks I have also taken on the challenge of trying all the different lunch spots in the area. I work on Camden Street which is filled with different lunch places of all different kinds. So far I’d say I’m about halfway through the list. This also makes my lunch hour a lot more fun since I always go with one of my friends.