2 Weeks Left

With Summer quickly coming to an end, I’m really starting to feel the reality that I will be home soon and no longer in Prague. Although I’ve been hearing some people express their excitement about returning home, I don’t share their feelings on the matter.  Since there are only two weeks left, I’m trying to fit everything in that I wanted to do while I was here.

Touristy sight-seeing things such as Prague castle, as well as maybe getting in a day trip at some village outside of Prague. Additionally, with only two weeks left of work, we only have a little bit of time to reach our goal during work. When I first started my internship, we had about 2,400 invoices in workflow that needed to be either approved or disputed. Now (since last Friday) we had around 850 invoices. Factoring in the fact that we get new invoices everyday that can range from 100 to 400, I am really proud that we have been able to reduce the number in workflow so much. Before I left I wanted to get the number down to 500 if possible.

I hope that I can make the best of these last two weeks and continue to enjoy my stay here in the Czech Republic!