A downside of Czech Culture (in my personal opinion!)

I have loved my experience in the Czech Republic.  It has been great and I am going to miss living and working in the country deeply when I head back home in two weeks. However, the experience has not been without some personal issues with the culture and I figured now is the best time to share those.

After living here for about 9 weeks, I notice a very notable difference in the ways Czech people have interactions and the ways Americans do. While at first it did not seem like that big of a deal, it has started to become straining on me.

When Czechs have a conversation, they are very short, uninformative, and it seems that they want to get out of the conversation as soon as possible.  While a lot of Americans probably desire to act like this, instead they act pleasant and make the conversation more comfortable.  It has become stressful to go into conversation after conversation knowing it is most likely going to be a negative experience.  There are definitely exceptions to this rule and I am sure Americans have their own annoying quirks but this is the only real personal issue I have had with the Czech Republic.

As for a work update, things are going smooth and steady.  Continuing to work on different projects from day to day and am enjoying everything I am learning and hope that I am being a great attribute to my company.