Working 9-5

Working 9-5 (actually 5:30) has been an expression I’ve always heard, but never really experience until this summer. Seven weeks into this internship I can truly say I know what it’s like working everyday like most people in the working world, and I can also say that it’s not easy. It took me about three weeks into this internship to get adjusted to this new schedule. Once I did, it seems like ever since then the weeks have been flying by.  I noticed on my blog that I haven’t really talked too much about my day-to-day working life at Linked Finance, so I figured this blog might be a good opportunity to explain exactly what I do during those hours of 9-5.

Arriving at work about 15 minutes early every day I immediately check my email and make sure I didn’t miss anything after I left work the day before. Once I do that, I usually get assigned a few tasks by my boss or members of the sales team that need help doing something. My primary job function at Linked Finance is conducting the initial credit assessment on potential new clients. This happens when a member of the sales team gets a set of financial documents from a company that is requesting a loan and then forwards me these documents to conduct an assessment on. After organizing these document and reading through them I can gather enough information to determine whether or not the business is suitable enough to be assessed by the credit team who will conduct the final thorough credit assessment. During this task is where I’ve learned perhaps the most when it comes to hands on financial experience.

Another project I’m usually given to work on is researching and finding companies that fall under the category of being a high potential growth companies. When I find suitable candidates I put all of their information into a data base that I have created so that the salesmen have different leads they can reach out to for new business. Aside from this project I was also given a longer term project that included creating the company’s first ever process flow chart. This was especially interesting to me because of my supply chain management background and how relevant it was to that.

Overall, the work that I have been doing at Linked Finance has been diverse, but very relevant to what I have been studying while at Pitt. This internship has helped me get a better idea of what I’ll be doing in my future career in finance and also has reassured me that this is a field in which I do want my career to be in.