Activity Based Costing

Now that I have finished my previous 2 projects (although, programs are never really finished), I have now moved on to a more business knowledge heavy programming project. Using Archimate again, I will be modifying the program to be able to model Activity Based Costing. This is going to be very tough because it will require a lot of communication with one of my fellow interns. While I will be trying to communicate to him what is feasible based on the technology, he will be trying to communicate to me what needs to happen on a business side. This weekend I have been working on an initial deliverable to show to my boss on Monday when he returns from vacation. I will only be working for the next two weeks, so I will be working very hard to try to complete the project before I leave. Not only will it help my company immensely, it will boost my resume greatly.

For this summer, I applied to PNC for the Technology Intern position. Clearly, since I am writing this post from Prague, I was not lucky enough to be rewarded the internship. I asked the HR rep where I could improve moving forward to potentially apply for the position again, and they mentioned that they appreciate people who have a base business knowledge. I am hoping that with this internship with a Big 4 company, I will be able to show that I do have a base business knowledge and will not be behind the other interns.