DayCare Scheme

In my workplace, the executives are currently trying to implement more unique products to help them stay in competition in the markets of brokerages. One of these new products is developing a day care scheme. So part of my recent job in the office has been making cold calls to local day cares around the Dublin area to see if they would be interested in getting insurance through my firm. Although most of them said no, a few have said yes and we can add them to our list of new clients.

When I first started doing cold calls I hated them and I was nervous I would not know what to say or mess up terribly. But I have come to realize that this is the way new business is obtained, besides word of mouth, for this particular sector and that I am really helping the company by doing them. By getting new business, that means more revenue and collected commission funds that they would not otherwise have.

As of this week, we only have 3 weeks left so I am excited to see the other things I will be doing in my last couple days.