Last week in Cali

Hey everyone,

I officially have one last week at my internship in San Francisco. Summer has flown by and hopefully I can come back and visit California in the near future. It is definitely a place I could see myself living in but I would probably would prefer to live somewhere warmer like southern California. I had a busy week meeting with the head of marketing and CEO of Laundry Locker. Espen and I are presenting in front of them and my supervisor Chris on Friday. I am some what nervous but am ready to share my thoughts and recommendations for Drop Locker and Laundry Locker. Hopefully we can provide them with a perspective that provides solutions for different areas of their business. I had a great time in California and am thankful that my parents supported my decision to come here for the summer. I can not wait to see them and tell them all about my experience.

The featured image is me on the Golden Gate Bridge. A couple of friends and I biked up to the bridge and it was an amazing experience. It is a beautiful sight from afar but it is absolutely breathtaking when you step foot on the bridge. It is extremely vast and windy but truly a magnificent scene.

As I return home I am shocked that I am already approaching my senior year of college. I can’t believe where the time has gone. I am extremely excited but also nervous that it is going to be over in the blink of an eye. The University of Pittsburgh has given me a great three years so far and am thankful for the people I have met throughout my experience. I am going to try and make every second count this year and hopefully at the end of it I can get a job at a place I enjoy.  Thanks to everyone that read my blog I wish everyone a great rest of your summer.