A Small World…

It seems just yesterday that I was walking into my little Berlin apartment for the first time, that I was trying to find my way to the office, that I was navigating the subway interchanges for the first time and that I was observing the sights and sounds of Berlin for the first time. Now it’s hard to imagine that was almost 3 months ago. Those three months have been filled with adventure, some blissful monotony (because what internship doesn’t have just a little monotony), exploration of my field, learning opportunities and much more. the memories that I have made this summer will remain with me for the rest of my life. And what a fun summer it was.

I learned a great deal about architecture, about business, about the city of Berlin and also about myself. I have always dreamed of one day living abroad, not for the rest of my life but for several years at least. Within this dream there was always a small seed of fear of the unknown. It seems that after this trip that small bit of fear has vanished. And at just the right time too, as my college years draw to a close I will soon set out for myself in this world and my summer in Berlin has given me the tools I will need to succeed. Perhaps I will even end up living in Berlin again one day.

As I was leaving I was extremely sad. Of course I was happy to be going home but I felt that I would miss the city immensely and not just the overall character of the city but also the little things like the view from my subway line to work, or the Falafel stead just down the street. But I got comfort from the fact that although I was leaving, Berlin will still be here and I can come back anytime I like things will change but the city itself or remain the same whenever I come back to visit overall I guess I would like to say that this summer has taught me that the world is not that big and foreign after all.