I Love You, Mate: A Goodbye Letter to Sydney

Hello, everyone. I’m back today to post a blog I wrote with a heavy heart. Indeed, this is my goodbye letter to Sydney but more so, this post is also a thank you letter to everything (and person) that made my trip so amazing.


Thank you, Sydney, for breaking me out of my shell.  Because of you, I have become more independent and globally conscious.  You’ve taught me to be bold and fearless in so many ways.

Thank you for the spontaneity and hilarious memories.  Thank you for the amazing views and great food.  Thank you for being home for six (very short) weeks.

Thank you to my roommates who became my travel companions and some of my closest friends.  Thank you for every spontaneous hiking trip and trip to the harbours.  Thank you for figuring out how to survive halfway across the world with me.  Your immeasurable support along the way was certainly not overlooked.

Thank you, Laurence and Richard, the CAPA program coordinators, for not only planning events in Sydney I will never forget but for also being such down-to-earth humans. You two welcomed me to Sydney with open arms and Aussie wit, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you to my parents for every ounce of support they gave me (emotionally, physically, and financially).  You deserve a million and one thank yous more than you probably hear.

Finally, thank you, Pitt, for giving me the opportunity to do this. There are so many universities that do not see the value in study abroad experiences, and I am so lucky the University of Pittsburgh not only encourages studying abroad but also provides many avenues to make the trip feasible. Without the scholarships I received, I could not have made this trip possible.