Overcoming Internship Challenges – Noah

As my last week in this internship program slowly approaches, a lot of thoughts have been running through my head, mainly regarding my thoughts and reflection on this experience as a whole. Overall, I feel like adapting to a new job while simultaneously adapting to a new culture is twice the challenge, but at the same time it was very necessary and fulfilling for my own personal development. The cultural barrier has contributed to most of the challenging aspects of my internship. Some of the most pervasive Irish terminology and norms were initially unfamiliar to me as an outsider, and even after settling in to the new cultural context I couldn’t escape my American mindset. The cultural differences in norms and slang made the communication aspects of my internship more challenging than expected and, as a Communications major, I wanted to overcome this. I am very fortunate to have colleagues that share my appreciation for good communication skills. They helped me tremendously with this aspect, and as a result I feel more culturally diverse. While looking back on all this, I am looking forward at the same time. As I prepare to enter my final semester at the University of Pittsburgh, I have been thinking critically about the steps and career choices that I will pursue post-graduation. With regards to this, everything that I have taken away from this program, culturally, mentally, and professionally, has ultimately fueled my ambition and confidence with my future career choices.