Are you ready to go home?

The closer I get to the end of my time in Dublin the more I get asked by my coworkers, friends, and family if I’m ready to go home? I always find it difficult to answer this question because I don’t have a definite answer. Sure it will be nice to see all of my friends in family back in Pittsburgh, and at this point my bank account is screaming for me to cut the spending and start working again. On the other hand I have really come to love not only Dublin, but my office as well. I have finally gotten into a routine at work and I think my coworkers have begun to see me as less of an intern and more of a coworker. I will often find myself chatting with other in the kitchen, and getting invited to office lunches. This is something that I have not done at previous jobs and I am going to miss the open and friendly office enviornment that I have grown accustom to. Every Monday when I get to work, everyone always asks me about my weekend and what big plans I have for the next one. This upcoming weekend (which also happens to be my last weekend) I am headed to Paris and I have received so many recommendations and tips for how to save money while there.

Even though there are many things I will miss about Dublin and being abroad, my parents are coming in next weekend and I cant wait to see them and show them around the city that I have come to love!