Last Thoughts on GHSA Company Issues

As my last week at my internship approaches, I feel like it’s time to reflect on the culture of my organization and see what has changed since my first analysis.

When I first started working, I had high expectations for my workplace atmosphere. I envisioned myself befriending coworkers and going to lunch with them and even getting after work drinks. This was not the case immediately, nor is it really now, and i think the disappointment of that made my work environment seem less than ideal. After working here for several weeks, however, and being able to look at the atmosphere from a better vantage point, I enjoyed my organization and coworkers. Everyone is friendly, but we are working so extra conversation or socializing is not that common, which I have come to accept. The office isn’t silent or serious, however, and this I appreciate. One of my favorite days in terms of getting to know my coworkers was when it was one woman’s birthday and we all went to lunch to celebrate. We then came back and ate cake and chit chatted for awhile. I guess this is what I had envisioned everyday to be like, but I know now that that is unrealistic. I look back on my time here and find joy in those few small moments where I felt like I really did connect with my coworkers.
Aside from the social aspect of the office, my work started off and has continued to be informal. I have never had a deadline for any project. At first I think I was a little bothered by this, just because I didn’t know how much time they expected a task to take. But now, I mostly just make videos for the website and I take several days, sometimes weeks, working on this long term project. I actually enjoy these longterm projects because through making these videos I have really learned a lot about what the company does and who are their beneficiaries as well as becoming proficient in a video editing program. Rarely did I have to do busy work, like taking mail to the post office, or shredding papers. More often than not I was given meaningful work and as I reflect ton my experience I feel like I actually contributed to the company and my work was appreciated.