last full week

This week was my last full week of my internship since this coming weekend is a bank holiday. As things are winding down at my internship, I’m not sure how I feel about it being almost over. On one hand, I am going to miss having a job that I really enjoy. I will also miss being in Ireland and travelling around Europe with friends. But on the other hand I am excited to sleep in my own bed and be back in Oakland with all of my friends.

My current attitudes towards travel have not changed drastically since arriving in Ireland. It is still something I want to continue doing and now I am simply more aware of where I want to go. I also want to live abroad at some point in the future and do humanitarian work in a third world country for an NGO. After that, I want to live in Europe and work for an NGO or an embassy.

The only problem I have had while in Ireland is the lack of sun. I know this doesn’t sound like an immense problem, but I am used to my summers spent at the beach in scorching hot weather. This summer,  it rarely got to be above 70 degrees, with loads of rain. However, with this being my only travelling issue, I am lucky and can honestly say that despite this minor drawback I would love to live in Ireland again at some point.