Time to Say Goodbye

In the words of Andrea Bocelli, it’s “ time to say goodbye.” The past 3 months I have spent in Europe have been absolutely incredible. I have explored the bone church of Kutna Hora, climbed to the top of towers, swam through caves in the Adriatic Sea, hiked through Plitvice Lake National Park, mastered the European cheek kiss (not really… I still find it very awkward, but I’m trying), experienced the excitement and energy of a European football game, and worked with an amazing group of women. I never anticipated saying goodbye would be so hard. Even though, I still have another 10 days in Europe traveling with my family after they arrive today, leaving Prague behind is so difficult. I have grown to love this city. I will always remember nights out on the river at Naplavka or early mornings watching the Sunrise from the Charles Bridge. I will even miss just walking around the streets to get from place to place or taking my daily commute to work on the tram. I love passing through the city and seeing all of the beautiful gothic and bohemian architecture. Every neighborhood has a different feel and energy.


Working at CPL Jobs has been a huge part of my experience here in the Czech Republic. I remember starting my job there with no idea what I was doing. Now I can say I can operate almost entirely independently as a junior recruiter. Working at CPL Jobs, I was able to gain a practical knowledge in HR, writing job descriptions and job advertisements, sourcing and prescreening candidates, leading interviews, and more. It was so rewarding my final week when one of my candidates was successfully placed in a position. The people I worked with helped me so much in growing as a person, both within and outside of work. They helped me become more adaptable and independent and help me to see what aspects of HR I like. My last week, my supervisor even ran life coaching exercises with me at the Buddhist center where she lives. While I wouldn’t say I have my whole life figured out now, I enjoyed doing this exercise and getting to know my supervisor better. Yesterday, saying goodbye to all of my colleagues was difficult, but I’m so grateful for the people I have met here, the growth I have seen in myself, and the experiences I have had.

Na Shledanou, Prague!