“Nashledanou”, you’re probably pronouncing it wrong; “sh” sounds like “sk” in Czech. It means, goodbye, see you later, or so long and I think it is a great word for how I am feeling about leaving Prague today. As work came to an end this week, I thought about my time here in Prague and the relationships I have made and nashledanou always comes to mind. It was a quiet week at work but Thursday and Friday I traveled three hours into the mountains with my coworkers to a team building event. This was one of the two times I met everybody in the company and spent time with them. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called, Resort Sv. Frantisek. It is on one of the highest parts of Spindleruv Mlyn in the Giant Mountains National Park.

I was so excited to go hiking and see more of the nature the Czech Republic has to offer but more importantly I was eager to get to know the people who work at BPR. Working alone in an empty office for much of my time with BPR was lonely but that is why I was so eager to get to know everybody. After my two days in the mountains I have found that BPR as a company is about building rapport within their employees. I find this to be an important part of working in a smaller, more tight knit company and I am so glad I finally got to experience that before I left. I was able to present my marketing campaign to the entire company and even had my own translator so that everybody could fully understand, we also had a Q&A where I asked them cultural questions about the Czech Republic and they asked me questions about my experience abroad. They gifted me a present of glass earrings and a necklace both made in the Czech Republic and I couldn’t feel more grateful to have worked with such nice people. This trip was definitely a great way to end my experience abroad and I know now I will be back one day.