Cheers Ireland, Slán Dublin!

It is incredible how fast time has passed by, this program is almost over. I cannot believe it has been already three months since I arrived here in Dublin and still, I keep falling in love with this gorgeous country and its culture every day. I feel I had an amazing opportunity to be part of this international program, and thanks to this internship I gained a broader view of how to manage a successful startup. I know these last days will be full of emotions. I have not yet left and I am already missing everything, even my work. On this last blog, I will highlight those things I am going to miss the most from Ireland. Be prepared because the list is long!

The first one is Irish people. Irish are very sociable, kind, and one of the funniest people I have ever met; which makes any foreigner feel welcome without wanting to leave this country. In a way or other, they will make you laugh or give you a reason to keep you happy every moment. On this point, I am including my coworkers as well; thanks to them my time here was so much more worthy.

“Keep it cool” by an Irish cool man

Secondly, the MUSIC in every corner! This was one of those things why I fell in love with Irish culture, because of their passion for music. As Cubans, Irish people breathe and live from music, it is something that goes through their veins. Because of this, I felt so much related to their culture; for Cubans, music is everything as well. While my time here, I took Irish dancing lessons and also joined a Salsa Academy group. I found surprising the number of Irish people that enjoy dancing Salsa and Latin music in general. This was definitely something that made me fall in love even more with Irish and I was not expecting it at all.

Chancery Inn – Irish pub with latin jazz

Another reason why I will miss Ireland is its stunning and green landscapes. Either way you go, you will find breathtaking cliffs and the greenest fields you will ever see in your life. Irish natural sceneries make you feel you can conquer the world any time as Vikings did thousand years ago. When contemplating these splendorous views, the only thought comes to my mind is staying forever and never leave.

Last but not least, the friends I made here in Dublin represent another important part why I will miss Ireland. From Europeans to Americans, I met a wide variety group of people during this experience. Besides my Irish friends, I made really good friends from around the globe such as Americans, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Chileans, Brazilians, Spaniards, Italians, etc. By being able to meet them it helped me to enjoy my time here even more. Some of those amazing people, I feel grateful to call them my best friends, and I know I will keep in touch with them from now on.

All those things will always remain in my mind as an unforgettable experience that made me not only grow as a professional but also become a better person. Ireland, you have stolen a big part of my heart!