Rob Dolce IIP Berlin Final Post

Since I couldn’t find my 10th blog post from this program, I suppose I will rewrite it, but this time with the context of being home and a few weeks removed from the program and my experience abroad.

First off, I think I speak for everyone in my group when I say that we were all looking forward to going back home and reacclimatizing to US life. As much fun and as exciting as living in Berlin was, we all missed home. And despite having an overnight delay and not getting home for an extra 24 hours, I was just happy to be back on US soil with my family and friends. Once I got settled back in at home, I actually began to get feelings of longing to be back in Berlin. Yes, seeing my family was great and it was beyond relaxing to be home with nothing to do, but deep down I missed the city that I had made my home for the last 11 weeks. And I missed my friends from work, and the great people that were on my program. There was so much about being in Berlin that I had almost taken for granted, that when I was finally home, I realized I missed those things the most.

Now, I live in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia, which is drastically different from one of the most important cities in the world that is Berlin. But aside from the general size of the location I am living in, I miss the busy-ness of the city. Everywhere you went, there was something going on, there were people to see and talk to, and places to visit. The dull and boring nature of my suburb town pales in comparison to one of the most active cities in the world. So obviously I miss the bustle of the city, but I also really do miss my job and the company I worked for. I think that it really does speak to the kind of people I worked with and the company itself when I can be a few weeks removed from an unpaid internship and still want to be working with them and at the office. I never disliked a day of work and (almost) never dreaded getting up and going into work. I think that part of this comes from the leadership of the company. I had three amazing c-level managers who made sure each day, while operating and advancing their startup, that myself and the other intern were able to learn as much as possible and be as productive and helpful as possible. And I personally believe that I learned more in those 10 weeks than I ever thought possible before the program started. The CEO made sure that by the time I was done, I got to see, understand, and have a hand in just about every aspect of the company. And as someone who does not have the classroom business experience, I believe that my exposure to financial, marketing, and management tasks and operations is beyond crucial to my development as a young professional.

So in the end, I am really glad to be home and preparing for the next school year. But I do think every day about how much I miss my Berlin work friends and the amazing city that I adapted to and made home this summer.