Initial Thoughts Before Take Off

Hola! My name is Kara and I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Economics and Business with a minor in Spanish. My home base is and always has been Swarthmore, PA. I love to read and explore new places and therefore can’t wait to live in Sevilla, España this fall.

At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices we students at Pitt have regarding study abroad programs. I knew I wanted to live in a Spanish speaking city and stay with a host family, yet the options were plenty. Eventually I decided on Sevilla, España because of the city’s rich history and manageable size (in comparison to Madrid/Barcelona). Additionally, the thrill of getting to know unfamiliar faces pulled me towards the Pitt recognized International Studies Abroad (ISA) program.

I find learning in new and diverse environments to be the most educational experiences, a lesson I discovered during the summer of 2016 when I went backpacking with my cousin. We traveled across various European cities including London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, and Hvar. I can’t wait to see more of Europe during this fall semester!

I really look forward to becoming acquainted with the city and meeting new friends from across the globe however that cannot go without saying that I have some worries. Handling the language barrier with my host family and being so far from home are among my top concerns but I’m willing to take the challenge. Generally I feel comfortable moving between cities after last summer’s trip but I anticipate some bumps in the road. Ciao U.S.A.!