Five Weeks in Paradise

In my short time here I already feel as if I have accumlated a lot of international experience. It has also provided me chance to look at things from a different perspective. I think these experiences will most definitely fit into my academic and career paths in a variety of ways. In regards to academics, my classes and internship are giving me the chance to study the same subjects but from the standpoint of a different worldview, something that would be hard to attain in the U.S. As my major is Supply Chain Management, it is one thing to read about it in a book or listen to a lecture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a completely different thing altogether to actually put to use what I have learned in Sydney. I’ve had the opportunity to see exactly how a supply chain works and just how complex it can be. Being an operations intern fits in perfectly with what I plan to do in the future. I hope I can bring some of the experiences I’ve had here to future internships and jobs. It has also been quite interesting to provide an American perspective of things to professors, colleagues, and supervisors. Whether it be discussing politics or sports Australians seem to be just as intrigued. Having an American worldview has also helped out tremendously in my internship, where the company is currently expanding in the U.S. market. Being able to provide suggestions of what products may or may not work there as well as understanding the culture have helped my colleagues and supervisors. The experiences I have had so far have been very rewarding these will help me with both my academic and career goals.